As the leading industry organization working towards the propagation of ubiquitous strong authentication, OATH has created the OATH Certification program to promote inter-operability among products that implement OATH standards.Customers can choose OATH Certified products, both authentication tokens and validation servers, from different providers with the assurance that through the use of OATH standards and the OATH Certification Program they will inter-operate seamlessly.

OATH Certification Program provides a unique opportunity for vendors to demonstrate their commitment to standards and interoperability. Benefits of getting your products certified are:

  1. Demonstrates commitment to OATH standards and best practices.
  2. Shows commitment towards creating inter-operable products
  3. Benefit from the rich ecosystem of OATH certified products
  4. Increases your company’s recognition within the industry
  5. Leverage the OATH brand and logo.
The program intends to create an increased choice for customers through the rich ecosystem of OATH Certified products, and thereby increase the size of the overall authentication market.

OATH Certification Program consists of three important components:

  1. OATH Certification Profiles: provide specific guidance and recommendations to providers who want to implement OATH specifications in their products. The profiles incorporate best practices that are specifically targeted at promoting interoperability and providing meaningful value to both vendors and customers. Click here for a complete list of OATH Certification profiles.
  2. OATH Certification Compliance Program (OCCP): will verify and certify vendor products for conformance with the criteria specified in the OATH certification profiles. Only products that have successful completed the testing under this program will be deemed OATH Certified and will be able to use the OATH Certified Logo. Click here to learn more about OCCP and how to get your product certified.
  3. OATH Certified Logo: The OATH Certified Logo will provide a clear indication that the product has met all requirements and is compliant with the OATH Certification Program. Vendors should use the logo on their website and literature to clearly indicate that their products are OATH Certified. OATH recommends that customers insist on OATH Certified authentication products and look for the logo.
OATH Certified Products

A complete list of OATH Certified products and relevant details is available at here.