OATH Manufacturer Prefix (OMP) Registration

You can use this page to submit a request to register a new OMP to be used to issue OATH token Identifiers as described in the OATH Token Identifier specification. Click here to see the list of currently registered OMPs.

If you are an OATH member then there is no cost to register a new OMP. For non-members there will be a nominal one-time fee of $500 (an invoice will be sent to you once we receive your request).

  • You need to be a bona-fide manufacturer and have externally shipping products that incorporate OATH algorithms.
  • If you are issuing tokens for internal use within your organization please see the OATH Token ID specification for ‘software’ tokens.

Some companies may not want their company name to be publicly visible. You can check the private registration option below. There will be an additional fee of $500 per year if you select this option.

For additional questions please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions or send and email to oath-id-admin@openauthentication.org

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