The OATH Certification Compliance Program will verify and certify vendor products for conformance with the criteria specified in the OATH Certification Profiles.

This program will provide assurance to our customers that products implementing OATH standards and technologies will function as expected and inter-operate with each other.

How to apply?

OATH Certification Compliance Program is designed to be a convenient and affordable process for vendors who want to get their products certified. The program is available to both OATH member and non-member companies.
The high level steps in getting your product certified are:

  1. Download and complete the application form.
  2. Send application form to
  3. Complete payment (if necessary)
  4. Follow instructions to complete compliance self-testing
  5. Receive confirmation that you have satisfied all requirements

Once you have successfully completed the testing under this program will be deemed OATH Certified and will be able to use the OATH Certified Logo.
Your product will also be listed on the OATH Certified Products website.

Certification Pricing

The cost for getting your product certified under the OATH Certification Compliance Program is as below.

  • Client Certification: $1000
  • Server Certification: $2000
  • OATH members get a certain number of free certification per year and discounts depending on the membership level as below. Learn more about membership in OATH.
    Coordinating members:

  • 2 free certifications/year
  • 25% discount on additional certifications
  • Contributing members:

  • 1 free certification / year
  • 25% discount on additional certifications
  • Adopting members

  • 25% discount on regular pricing