Membership Overview

The Initiative for Open AuTHentication (OATH) is a collaboration of leading device, platform and application companies. OATH participants hope to foster use of strong authentication across networks, devices and applications. OATH participants work collectively to facilitate
standards work and build a reference architecture for open authentication while
evangelizing the benefits of strong interoperable authentication in a networked
world. OATH is actively seeking all participants who share a common vision of open

 The OATH organization is led by the Joint Coordinating Committee (JCC). 

The JCC is the OATH governing group responsible for operational oversight of OATH activities and deliverables. The JCC oversees the OATH operational guidelines and any amendments or proposed additions to the guidelines must be approved by the JCC. The JCC participants are OATH founding members, the JCC Chair is Siddharth Bajaj, sidd…

The OATH organization also includes two active sub groups; the Technical Focus Group and the Marketing Working Group.        

The Technical Focus Group(TFG) is the heart of the OATH initiative and is made up of volunteer members that devote their time and expertise to create the specifications that define an open and interoperable strong authentication architecture. The TFG then delivers these specifications to the relevant standards bodies for industry-wide acceptance and publication. For questions regarding the activities of the TFG please send email to the TFG Co-Chairs, Ming Pei, m… and Philip Hoyer, pho…

The Marketing Working Group was formed to build awareness for OATH and its initiatives in the industry, recruit new membership to OATH, and promote the benefits of strong interoperable authentication to various industry audiences such as vendors, customers, and industry analysts. For questions regarding the activities of the Marketing Working Group please send email to Don Malloy (dmal…

Membership Benefits

General benefits of OATH membership:

Opportunity to influence the direction of open authentication standards and technologies

Access to thought leadership in open authentication

Early access to emerging technical standards, resulting in faster development of new products
and earlier market entry

Opportunity to meet face-to-face with leading industry participants for partnership building

Specific benefits of OATH membership:

Opportunity to participate in technical, marketing and administrative committees

Early access to draft technical standards

Opportunity to attend conference calls and meetings throughout the year, networking with other
organizations in vertical and horizontal sectors

Membership Levels

OATH offers three levels of membership:

Adopting members are able to participate in the OATH marketing efforts and attend the marketing weekly calls.

Profile: This level is effective for any company that wants to leverage OATH to promote strong authentication in their products or among their users. Companies can leverage the collective efforts of the OATH membership to build awareness for open authentication. Companies at the
adopting level will benefit from the OATH identity, public relations and industry activities. This level allows customers, vendors and integrators to participate in the marketing efforts and events OATH members produce.

Contributing members are able to participate and vote on motions during OATH meetings. They are also included in the OATH marketing and technical working groups meetings and communication. Participating in the technical group allows contributing members to contribute to the OATH reference architecture and the development of roadmap plans for new standards efforts OATH supports.

Profile: Any size enterprise, integrator or product vendor that wants to contribute to the technical roadmap and reference architecture for OATH. Companies interested in this level will see strong
authentication as mission critical to their business. They will want to contribute to community efforts to define reference architectures, use cases and the promotion of standards. Companies joining at this level will want to build OATH promoted standards into their products and deploy strong authentication based on OATH reference architecture.

Coordinating members have all the access provided to Contributing members plus they participate in the activities of the OATH Joint Coordinating Committee. This includes the right to vote during committee meetings on issues and proposals that effect OATH as an organization.

Profile: Any industry leader, large or small, that wants to influence the direction of the OATH organization. Companies joining at the coordinator level will see OATH as a strategic part of their industry efforts.


  Cordinator Contributor Adopter
Yearly fee $5000 $2000 $1000
Participation in Marketing Focus Groups Yes Yes Yes
Participation in Technology Focus Group Yes Yes No
Joint Coordination Committee Yes No No
OATH Manufacturer Prefix Registration Free Free Free
Free Certifications (per year) 2 1 0
Discount on additional certifications (unlimited) 25% 25% 25%


The membership year will start in the month of
joining OATH, with renewal on the anniversary date of joining OATH.


To join,complete the membership process.