NagraID Security, a member of the Kudelski Group (SWX: KUD. VX), is a pioneer in the development of a unique patented process used to embed sensitive electronics and active components into a credit card form-factor. NagraID Security is manufacturing revolutionary security card products, including One-Time Password (OTP) security credential built on a Common Criteria EAL5+ microcontroller platform packaged as an ISO 7810 dimensioned plastic card. The chip is compliant to ICAO and EMV 2000 specifications and can be configured for contactless payment, seeding after manufacture and customer specific applications. The NIDS 200e can be produced with custom artwork designs, corporate logos and sophisticated graphics. Cards produced and personalized at NagraID Security are processed in strict compliance with EuroPay, MasterCard & Visa (EMV) regulations governing the secure manufacture, data-managment and personalization of card products and devices.DMal…@NIDsecurity.com 408-224-8000