Mirae Technology was first established in 1997 as a company specializing in networks, and since 2000 we have produced one time password generators for use in the financial sector, thus redirecting our industrial priority toward becoming a company specializing in information security. In 2003, we became the first domestic company to develop the time-synchronized OTP token. In 2008, we launched the U-PIN, which featured even greater security by allowing the combined use of the HSM (H/W Security Module) and the OTP. In particular, the opening of the OTP Integrated Certification Authentication Center by Korea’s Financial Security Agency allowed a single authentication medium to be used across all financial institutions, increasing the need to strengthen security. In addition, we have continued to export OTP solutions to overseas markets. All of us here at Mirae Technology will continue to dedicate ourselves to helping our clients navigate the internet environment with greater safety and convenience.