Login People® (NYSE EURONEXT: ALLP.PA), a security software vendor, offers innovative multi-factor authentication to secure the access to networks and applications for organizations.
The Digital DNA patented innovation founds Login People®’s leadership into the security cyberspace for the Cloud, the BYOD, the Internet of things and the Big Data.
Its products strengthen the “Login / Password” by combining the unique and seamless identification of the user\’s digital DNA devices (smartphone, tablet, PC).
Login People® delivers unmatched simplified user experience with multi-factor authentication without the use of token or OTP and enhance the ease of administration. The performance of its solutions provides optimized CAPEX and OPEX among the lowest on the market.
The Login People® products are pre-configured with major I.T. solutions such as Microsoft, F5, CISCO and NETASQ. Login People® resells its products through a global network of distributors and integrators.