IRETH is a leader in innovative solutions for Strong Authentication and Information Security.IRETH is versatile, able to offer the best results and dynamic: IRETH follows closely and anticipates the trends of Hi-Tech and ICT security, proposing fast and effective responses to customers’ security needs, more and more important in the digital era.“High Security” and “Easy to Use” are basic elements to all of IRETH’s Authentication solutions.IRETH products are designed to answer to heterogeneous markets: Finance, Corporate, Government, Healthcare, Defense.The product portfolio includes:Strong Authentication Platform: IAP800® Authentication Platform IAP800® is the innovative Platform for Strong Authentication with Anti Fraud, OATH certified (Open Authentication standards), suitable to secure mission critical services such as Home Banking, Web Health, e-Government, e-Payment.It covers effectively every web service and corporate domain authentication need.IAP800® is multi-device, multi-algorithmic, scalable and flexible: both user devices and the platform itself can be changed in any moment.Authentication process is based on the One-Time-Password protocol.IAP800® satisfies security needs for Banks, big portals, Health Care, TLC operators and everyone needing Strong Authentication for corporate users, customers, consultants and partners in a complete, effective and secure way. IAP800® is particularly suitable for Home-Banking, Web Health, Mobile Payment and Remote Access.It includes both infrastructural components – server side – and devices – user side.Strong Authentication DevicesD800™ Displaycards OTP and D800™ Pay Displaycards OTP (EMV, NFC, etc.)MobileOTPclients for Android, iPhone, BB (Phone Applications)T800™ OTP TokensP800™ Passive OTP cards